– It’s a Women’s Whisky World –

Fawn Weaver of Uncle Nearest Whisky In the 1860's, When former slave, Nathan 'Nearest' Green, became the first head distiller at the Jack Daniels Distillery and the first African American head distiller in the United States, I doubt if he envisioned that Fawn Weaver, 150 years later, would name her distillery after him. And that … Continue reading – It’s a Women’s Whisky World –

– The Great Women of Whisky –

Bessie Williamson of Laphroaig As we saw in the last article, the Robertson sisters were definitely icons in the world of whisky. But there have been others. Like Elizabeth "Bessie" Williamson. Born in 1910 in Glasgow, her family had no connection to the whisky business until Bessie got a summer job as a typist at … Continue reading – The Great Women of Whisky –

The Spirits of Giving

The Story of the Robertson Trust The Robertson Sisters of the Edrington Group Like most folks, I drink whisky because I like the taste. And, there's no fuss, no politics, nothing negative or complicated about a great dram. But every now and then, I come across a story that warms my heart and gives me … Continue reading The Spirits of Giving

– ‘Tis the Season –

Welcome back to another Whiskylove season. After a summer of beaches, boating, and sunshine, we can now get back to The Season. Whisky season. Cooler nights, warm fires, good friends, and your favorite dram.So what essential whisky information do we have in store for this year? Well, in Whiskylove Season 1, we focussed on the … Continue reading – ‘Tis the Season –

– World Whisky Day 2021 –

May 15, 2021 is World Whisky Day Today is Saturday, May 15 – World Whisky Day. IOn honor of this hallowed occasion, I've reprinted last year's Whisky Day Post, with a few minor updates. Started in 2012 by Blair Bowman, a University of Aberdeen student, World Whisky Day has been endorsed by the Scottish Parliament … Continue reading – World Whisky Day 2021 –

– A New Breed of Whisky –

Part 3 - The Wide, Wide World of Whisky Whisky is produced around the globe We rattle on about Scotch, Irish, Canadian and American whisky like they were the only kids on the block. Well, here's a news flash - India produces about three quarters of the world's whisky. Mind you, they drink the vast … Continue reading – A New Breed of Whisky –

– A New Breed of Whisky –

Part 2 - Chasing the American Dram New American Whiskeys are making huge in-roads into the market The whiskey industry in America. Full steam ahead. There are currently more than 2000 companies producing whiskey in the United States. And every state has at least one. Now, many of these companies aren't actually making their own … Continue reading – A New Breed of Whisky –

– The New Breed of Whisky –

Part 1 - Those Crafty Canadians All it takes is a still and a few barrels to get into the whisky business When the subject of Canadian Whisky comes up, what are your first thoughts? Rye. Of course. How about Wiser's, Canadian Club, Crown Royal, Hiram Walker, and Seagrams? The heart and soul of the … Continue reading – The New Breed of Whisky –