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Campbeltown – The Forgotten Gem

Campbeltown Whisky once ruled the industry Campbeltown - the forgotten whisky region. Or so it seems. One hundred years ago, Campbeltown was the center of the Scottish whisky industry, with thirty active distilleries. Today, it is, by far, the smallest. Three active distilleries. A region in name only that produces a meager 1% of Scotland's … Continue reading Campbeltown – The Forgotten Gem

– A Little Holiday Cheer –

With the holiday season approaching, I thought that it would be nice to wish our friends around the world all the best. And, of course, if you're having a dram, perhaps we can offer a toast in your native language. So.... here goes. For our friends in Italy, Buon Natale. If you're enjoying a Puni … Continue reading – A Little Holiday Cheer –

The Islands – Each One Unique

While the Islands are not officially designated as a Whisky Region (they are included with the Highlands), the five whisky producing islands of Arran, Jura, Mull, Orkney, and Skye are often considered the sixth region. No doubt because of their uniqueness. And they are. Not only to the other regions, but to each other.Let's start … Continue reading The Islands – Each One Unique

– Analysis of a Whisky Room –

Do you remember the first drink of whisky that you ever had? Horrible, right? And it took a while to gain an 'appreciation' for the taste. The bottle sat among the other bottles in your liquor cabinet, or your father's cabinet, depending on how old you were when you got started. The nectar of the … Continue reading – Analysis of a Whisky Room –

Islay – Small in Size, Big in Whisky

For many of us, Islay (pronounced eye-lah) is synonymous with whisky. A tiny island, less than 250 square miles, it has a population just north of 3,000. With nine active distilleries, it produces a lot of whisky. But we'll talk about that in a moment, because Islay is much more than whisky.The first known visitors … Continue reading Islay – Small in Size, Big in Whisky

The Lowlands – Smooth and Subtle

Three of the Classic Lowlands Brands Sometimes, Lowlands whisky gets a bad rap. Or no rap at all. But there's more to Lowlands whisky than meets the eye. Or the palate. Much more.Let's start with the grain whisky industry. What's grain whisky, you ask? As you probably know, blended scotch whisky has always dominated the … Continue reading The Lowlands – Smooth and Subtle

Speyside – Where Whisky is King

Some of Scotland's best known brands are from Speyside Even if you are new to the whisky world, you would certainly recognize some of the iconic brands of Speyside. Glenfiddich, McCallan, Glenlivet, Mortlach, Glenfarclas. Quite a lineup, indeed. About 50% of all Scottish Whisky is produced in the fifty or so distilleries located in the … Continue reading Speyside – Where Whisky is King

Highlands – Romance and Mystery

When we think of Scotland, we immediately think of the Highlands. Rugged mountains, mysterious lakes, tartans, clans, and.... whisky. Lots of whisky. About one quarter of Scotland's whisky is produced in this vast, sparsely populated region. Rob Roy hailed from the Highlands. So did William Wallace. And, of course, James Bond. What fascinates me about … Continue reading Highlands – Romance and Mystery

India – A Different Kind of Whisky

Indian Whisky Brands - Not Household Names Outside of India It's time to take stock of just where we are. Christmas? Check. Got five bottles of whisky under the tree. New Years? Broke into three of them. January? Cold. Big snowstorm. Then really cold. No body is going anywhere. Hunkered down for the season.I think … Continue reading India – A Different Kind of Whisky

– Have a Holly Jolly Christmas –

Whisky Ideas to Make your Christmas Bright If you want to be a real whisky enthusiast, , then you need to take advantage of every opportunity. Like Christmas, when the giving spirit abounds. So ,if you're looking for ideas on what cool stuff to get this year, or if you are trying to shop for … Continue reading – Have a Holly Jolly Christmas –