A Different Kind of St. Patrick’s Day

I don’t generally celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Probably because I’m of Scottish descent. But I have loads of friends who do. With all that’s going on in the world right now, St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are on hold as we work through the world pandemic crisis.

But that doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate – at least a little. Perhaps imbibe a little at home with family. Maybe celebrate virtually on social media. If you’re old school, get in touch with family and friends by telephone. Whatever.

I like beer as much as whiskey. Maybe more, although the trips to the bathroom are pushing me more towards whiskey in recent years. And Ireland is rich in both. There’s Guinness, of course. But there’s also other great beers, like Kilkenny, Smithwicks, Harp, Murphys, and Beamish, to name a few. In fact, Ireland ranks number 5 in the world in annual per capita beer consumption at 98, many of which are traditionally consumed today, St. Patrick’s Day.

But this is a whiskey post, so let’s move on to more important things like Irish Whiskey on St. Patrick’s Day. When you are trying to salvage the day at home, whether it be with friends, on-line, or on the phone, why not try something a little more traditional, made with your favorite dram. Here’s a few of my recommendations:
– Irish Boilermaker – drop a shot glass full of Irish whisky into a glass of your favorite Irish beer. Voila – instant party.
– Irish martini – just mix equal parts Irish whiskey and white martini. Add an olive (or a shamrock) and enjoy shaken or stirred.
– Pickleback – for the more adventurist types, mix equal parts Irish whiskey and pickle juice over ice. Let me know how it tastes – I haven’t worked up the nerve.
– Irish Mule – mix 1 part Irish Whiskey, 2 parts ginger beer and a splash of lime juice. Mix or shake and pour over ice (or not).

While this year’s celebration may not be one for the ages, I wish all my Irish friends a great day, and I hope that there are better days ahead.

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