With Friends Like These…..

The whisky industry has a long history of famous endorsements. After all, if The Duke likes Bourbon, then it must be good stuff, right? So, let’s catch a glimpse of the who’s who of the celebrity whisky world.

Looking back on my early childhood, the Ed Sullivan Show was, perhaps, the highlight of the week. Little did we know that Ed was probably sitting backstage between acts, sippin’ on a Shenley. After all, it’s “finer, smoother, and more enjoyable.” says Ed. Must have made listening to that new fangled music, like Elvis, or the Beatles, more tolerable.

The late, great Sean Connery was, perhaps, one of the most recognizable faces and voices in the world. A true Scotsman. Or maybe not. Seems that his whiskey preference was Jim Beam. My world has been turned upside down….

I have never been much of a discerning art fan. I can appreciate great work, but I never developed much of an eye for it. But there are some works of art that just command your attention. Salvador Dali was one of those artists that inspired people. Seems that he got his inspiration from scotch. Old Angus. I love that the advertiser felt compelled to explain that Dali, was, indeed, a “world famous artist.” Good to know.

Arguably the greatest actor of all time, was Orson Welles. Citizen Kane. War of the Worlds. Heady stuff, indeed. So, what better to get those creative juices flowing than a good shot of Jim Beam. Maybe he shared his with Mr. Connery.

In what many would consider a male dominated consumer’s market, women have made significant contributions. One of my absolute favorite whisky celebs is the legendary jazz singer, Ella Fitzgerald, shown here with, you guessed it, Jim Beam. It seems that only Nike has offered more celebrity endorsements, having also featured Henry Mancini (composer of The Pink Panther, Breakfast at Tiffiny’s), Dennis Hopper (of Easy Rider fame), John Houston (best film director ever), Leonardo de Caprio, Bette Davis, and Elliot Gould. Quite a lineup.

Black Velvet, one of the great Canadian Rye Whiskies, has had it’s share of celebrity exposure. Tanya Tucker is a fan.

So was Larry Hagman, of J.R. Ewing fame.

And the legendary George Burns. Cigars and whisky…

The list goes on and on. But perhaps my favorite is from an old time television detective named Columbo, played by Peter Falk, and his famous poor memory.

Whisky has lots of friends. Until next time, why not get together with yours and enjoy your favorite dram.

One thought on “With Friends Like These…..

  1. So I am guessing you have to be at least 50 or 60 to even know who some of these celebs are. It would be nice to see a millennial hawking whiskey. Something like Elliot Page saying, “Time for a change – try whiskey”.


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