– ‘Tis the Season –

Welcome back to another Whiskylove season. After a summer of beaches, boating, and sunshine, we can now get back to The Season. Whisky season. Cooler nights, warm fires, good friends, and your favorite dram.
So what essential whisky information do we have in store for this year? Well, in Whiskylove Season 1, we focussed on the basics – where whisky comes from, how it’s made, and how it gets that great taste. It’s all in the archives if you want a little refresher. In Season 2, we travelled around the globe to get an idea of where whisky is produced, how it differs from region to region, and we had a sneak peek at some of the more interesting whisky producers around the world. And that brings us here. Episode 1 of our brand new season.

So what do we hope to accomplish this year, besides enjoying a dram or two? Lots and lots. We’ll be looking in more detail at a some interesting distilleries and some interesting products. Also, we’ll delve into whisky lore and the stories of people and places that shaped the industry. And finally, we’ll serve up lots of little known facts (and myths). I love trivia, and the whisky world is full of it. For example, Nicola Tesla, the famous engineer and inventor (after whom the car is named), drank whisky every day, believing that it would make him live to be 150. He died at 86. Good strategy, even if he came up short.

After my summer break, I recently checked the stats for my Whiskylove site. We’ve had nearly five thousand visits to date, from whisky lovers in 52 countries, including such whisky hotbeds as Costa Rica, Bulgaria. and Nigeria. Well, cheers to you all and I hope that you continue to join in on our whisky learning journey. Drop me a note with your questions, comments, arguments and suggestions. Love to hear from you.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for a great whisky season. And don’t forget to get out to those great fall whisky festivals and tasting events. So much to learn. Cheers and enjoy!

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