The Whisky Buzz

– Declaration of Independence –

The World of Independent Whisky Bottlers Most whiskies are bottled and sold by the distillery that makes them. But there is a whole world of private companies that buy whisky from the distillers. These "Independent Bottlers", as they are known in the scotch whisky world, can then bottle and sell product under their own label. … Continue reading – Declaration of Independence –

The Spirits of Christmas

The final countdown has begun. The finale to the Christmas shopping season. What to get? Hmmm... What to get? Maybe we have the answer to all of your shopping problems. Well, most. Maybe not for the kid's stocking stuffers. Although I did read recently about the Dad in England that bought his son a MaCallan … Continue reading The Spirits of Christmas

With Friends Like These…..

The whisky industry has a long history of famous endorsements. After all, if The Duke likes Bourbon, then it must be good stuff, right? So, let's catch a glimpse of the who's who of the celebrity whisky world. Looking back on my early childhood, the Ed Sullivan Show was, perhaps, the highlight of the week. … Continue reading With Friends Like These…..

You Can’t Judge a Book…..

Packaging. The ultimate marketing tool. Seasoned whisky shoppers usually have a pretty good idea what they are looking for. Usually. Casual whisky drinkers, on the other hand, can be swept up by great marketing. Shelves filled with cool boxes and bottles. So how do we get past the lure of the packaging? In my case, … Continue reading You Can’t Judge a Book…..

Talking the Talk – Surviving a Whisky Conversation

You attend your first spirits festival or whisky tasting event. It's exciting. As you take your first sip, you are hit with a barrage of information. Interesting. More so if you understood it. It sort of makes your head spin. You want to enjoy a nice whisky, not learn a new language. The solution?Here are … Continue reading Talking the Talk – Surviving a Whisky Conversation

A Thousand Words – Describing Whisky Taste

Have you ever tasted something and thought "What is that flavor?" Well, fear not, because the whisky experts of the world have come up with a thousand ways to describe the whisky you're drinking. Here is an excerpt from a description, by a well respected source, of a newly released single malt:"Faint ripples of sweet … Continue reading A Thousand Words – Describing Whisky Taste

A Comparison of Classics: Whisky vs Wheels.

When I was in university, I bought a 1967 Fargo truck. Previously, it had been a meat shop delivery vehicle. The owner smoked a pipe, so the inside of the truck cab was well seasoned, all of the metal surfaces (there were no padded interiors in those days) coated with the blackish resin deposited years … Continue reading A Comparison of Classics: Whisky vs Wheels.