The Whisky Buzz

Sláinte! Here’s to Irish Whiskey.

The Irish have pretty much mastered the art of whiskey making. And whiskey drinking. They have a unique style and a unique language that describes their products and their consumption. Toasts. Lots and lots of toasts and sayings. "What butter or whiskey cannot cure, cannot be cured." "Love makes the world go around. Whiskey makes … Continue reading Sláinte! Here’s to Irish Whiskey.

When things go a-rye. A Canadian legacy

For more than 200 years (longer than it has been a country), Canada has been producing whisky. So how did it all get started? By a beer maker, of course.In 1801, John Molson (Go Habs Go!) bought a used rum still and started distilling a mash made from wheat. The resulting product didn't go over … Continue reading When things go a-rye. A Canadian legacy

Bourbon – Whiskey American Style

Ahh, Bourbon. The American version of whiskey (with an e), with its unique taste and its American style. Crazy names, crazy bottles and endless hype. A Vegas version of its Scottish cousin. So what makes bourbon unique? Well, everything, quite frankly. Bourbon tends to have a love it or hate it type of response. Unfortunately, … Continue reading Bourbon – Whiskey American Style

Best wishes in the new year

I hope that everyone has a happy and prosperous New Year. 2020 promises to be filled with exciting challenges and opportunities. But don't forget to spoil yourself from time to time with a fine dram of whisky. My favorite of 2019 comes from Mortlach, one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland. Known as the Beast … Continue reading Best wishes in the new year

Happy Holidays from Whiskylove

It's snowing outside, so it looks like we're in store for a white Christmas. Best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season. Take a minute to celebrate by the fire with a smooth dram, like this fabulous Bunnahabhain 18 from the island of Islay. It'll warm you up and give your tastebuds a treat.Stay … Continue reading Happy Holidays from Whiskylove

Scotch Whisky Production

Over the past 500 years, hundreds of distilleries have come and gone in Scotland. Most of the distillery names that we recognize, such as Glenfiddich, MaCallan, or Glenlivet, originated in the 1800's, starting out as family operations. Today, there are six official scotch whisky producing regions; The Highlands - encompasses the whole northern mainland. Many … Continue reading Scotch Whisky Production

Whisky in Scotland

How did whisky get it's start in Scotland? Apparently it was introduced by Christian monks who migrated across Europe and settled into what is now the British Isles. These monks would likely have picked up fermenting and distillation techniques along the way. These early techniques, made from distilling wine and used primarily as medicine, were … Continue reading Whisky in Scotland

How whisky is made.

The famous stills at Glenmorangie Distillery Although the same basic whisky making process has been used for hundreds of years across the globe, each process has specific techniques to create an individual taste. It all starts with a source of food for the yeast. Whether it's barley in Scotland, corn in the United States or … Continue reading How whisky is made.