The Whisky Buzz

How whisky is made.

The famous stills at Glenmorangie Distillery Although the same basic whisky making process has been used for hundreds of years across the globe, each process has specific techniques to create an individual taste. It all starts with a source of food for the yeast. Whether it's barley in Scotland, corn in the United States or … Continue reading How whisky is made.

Basic Elements of Whisky

All alcohol is made up of three basic ingredients - water, yeast, and food for the yeast. Once the ingredients are combined and the alcohol is produced, it is either consumed, bottled, or distilled. Sometimes the newly distilled product is aged. That's what happens with whisky.So why do whiskies taste different? It depends on the … Continue reading Basic Elements of Whisky

An Introduction to Whisky

Whisky 101 - Part 1 Welcome to Whisky Love. I'm Don Love, an avid fan and collector of whisky from around the world. For several years, I've been buying, tasting, researching, and debating the merits of whisky. It's a fascinating world, steeped in history and tradition.This site is intended to educate folks about the world … Continue reading An Introduction to Whisky