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Under the Influence. Or Not.

The power of advertising can be, well, powerful. Whisky advertisers like to get you under their influence so that you get under the influence of their product. And there have been some truly great whisky advertising campaigns. Print ads, for example, have been around for decades. Great tag lines such as Black Velvet's "Feel the … Continue reading Under the Influence. Or Not.

Happy World Whisky Day!

Today is Saturday, May 16 - World Whisky Day. Started in 2012 by Blair Bowman, a University of Aberdeen student, it has been endorsed by the Scottish Parliament as a day of world wide celebration. In honour of this illustrious occasion, here are a few (non-illustrious) whisky facts;- there are currently 20 million casks of … Continue reading Happy World Whisky Day!

Whisky Flavor – Not Just a Matter of Taste.

The chart above provides a quick look at the flavor spectrum of whisky in Scotland and Ireland. Many of the brands that you might recognize are scattered across a spectrum from Delicate to Smoky and from Light to Rich. If you've been following previous Whiskylove articles, you may remember that all whisky gets its flavor … Continue reading Whisky Flavor – Not Just a Matter of Taste.

Age Statements. What’s the Big Deal?

Age is just a number. You're only as old as you feel. Everything improves with age..There are lots of expressions about age. When it comes to whisky age, the debate continues. Here are a few basic generalities about whisky aging;- time spent in a cask is the biggest influence on whisky taste.- the older the … Continue reading Age Statements. What’s the Big Deal?

Blends or Single malts?

If you look back 150 years or so, whisky was just whisky. People took any grain source at hand and mixed it with water and yeast to make an alcoholic sludge that was put thought a primitive still and then consumed - immediately. Technology, powered by the Industrial Revolution, gradually intervened to allow more advanced … Continue reading Blends or Single malts?

A Different Kind of St. Patrick’s Day

I don't generally celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Probably because I'm of Scottish descent. But I have loads of friends who do. With all that's going on in the world right now, St. Patrick's Day celebrations are on hold as we work through the world pandemic crisis. But that doesn't mean that we can't celebrate - … Continue reading A Different Kind of St. Patrick’s Day