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– All in Good Taste – Part 3 –

Whisky Flavor The Aging Process So, once we have influenced the flavor of your favorite whisky through ingredient selection and through variations in the distilling process, all that remains is aging. The big one. The one that will ultimately determine whether or not you like the taste of that dram.But, first things first. That age … Continue reading – All in Good Taste – Part 3 –

– All in Good Taste – Part 2 –

Whisky Flavor Distilling As I mentioned in my last article, whisky draws its flavor from three sources - ingredients, distillation process, and aging. Nothing more, nothing less. Today, let's look at the effects of distilling on the final product. So how exactly does the distilling affect the taste of your favorite dram? Well, it's sort … Continue reading – All in Good Taste – Part 2 –

– All in Good Taste – Part 1 –

Whisky Flavor The Ingredients Whisky draws its flavor from three sources - ingredients, distillation, and aging. Nothing more, nothing less. So, let's take a deeper dive into each of these three areas, starting with ingredients.If you read a whisky bottle label or if you've ever gone on a distillery tour, chances are you've been told … Continue reading – All in Good Taste – Part 1 –

Valentine’s Day – Whisky Style

Every year, Valentine's Day presents us with a special challenge. We look for something different, something fresh, something original, something unique. A new way to celebrate. Something other than chocolate and flowers. Flowers and chocolate. How about whisky? Indeed. In moderation, of course. We don't want things getting out of control. So how can we … Continue reading Valentine’s Day – Whisky Style

– Sipping With Style. –

Whisky Accessories for all Occasions Sometimes, you just need to walk the talk. And that means having not only the whisky, but all the gadgets that go with it. Over the years, I have garnered an assortment of whisky gadgets, trinkets, and collectables. Some are useful. Many just amount to conversation pieces. Which is good, … Continue reading – Sipping With Style. –

– Declaration of Independence –

The World of Independent Whisky Bottlers Photo courtesy of Billy Abbott Most whiskies are bottled and sold by the distillery that makes them. But there is a whole world of private companies that buy whisky from the distillers. These "Independent Bottlers", as they are known in the scotch whisky world, can then bottle and sell … Continue reading – Declaration of Independence –

The Spirits of Christmas

The final countdown has begun. The finale to the Christmas shopping season. What to get? Hmmm... What to get? Maybe we have the answer to all of your shopping problems. Well, most. Maybe not for the kid's stocking stuffers. Although I did read recently about the Dad in England that bought his son a MaCallan … Continue reading The Spirits of Christmas