Fall Flavors of Whisky

Last weekend, my wife and I celebrated our anniversary. First, we went with our friends to see a great live blues show. Morgan Davis is one of those classic bluesmen – a solo artist who entertains viewers with his skills on the guitar and with his stories about the blues and those who dedicated their lives to it.
After the show, we retired to our deck to further enjoy the warm fall evening. I introduced our friends to a delightful Dalmore 18. It did not disappoint. My buddy, an occasional whisky drinker, said it was the best scotch he had ever tasted. Well deserved praise for a superb dram. We followed up with a 20 year Alberta Premium Rye Whisky. Our wives both declared it to be even better than the Dalmore. Pretty tall order.
Me? I savored both. The Dalmore was unbelievably smooth. The Premium Rye was fitting of a 20 year, with the classic Canadian spicy taste smoothed out by the long aging process.

This is what fall brings to the world of whisky. It’s perhaps the best of the whisky seasons. The harvest of barley, corn and rye transformed into future greatness. A promise of things to come.

Getting back to our evening, I look at it as the kick-off to the whisky season. I’ll be hosting lots of sessions and trying out the latest festival selections. I’ll also be working on my budding appreciation of bourbon and rye whisky. Maybe I’ll finally try a whiskey from Asia this year. Expanding my horizens. For sure, I’ll be savoring the single malts and trying to get a little better grasp of the smoke and the peat.

I hope you do, too. Cheers. Talk soon.

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