A Comparison of Classics: Whisky vs Wheels.

When I was in university, I bought a 1967 Fargo truck. Previously, it had been a meat shop delivery vehicle. The owner smoked a pipe, so the inside of the truck cab was well seasoned, all of the metal surfaces (there were no padded interiors in those days) coated with the blackish resin deposited years of pipe smoking. It was a classic and I loved it.

That was forty two years ago. Recently, I bought a Balvenie 17 Doublewood. Also a classic. Interestingly, I paid the same for the Balvenie as I did for the truck. So which of these classics was the better value? Let’s do a comparison:

One goes well with a cigar, the other preferred a pipe.
The Balvenie has no hint of smoke. The Fargo belched smoke every time it started.
The whisky is smooth beyond words. The truck not so much.
Both certainly delivered the goods. I could fit everything that I owned in the truck. The whisky delivers that great classic taste.
The truck was fun to take camping. The whisky is best left at home.
Best to go slow with both.
The truck could fit up to three friends. The whisky is enjoyed with lots of friends.
I loaned my truck to anyone. I don’t lend my Balvenie. Ever.
The truck reminds my of my youth. The Balvenie makes me feel young.
The truck consumed gas. The whisky gives me a little.
I sold the truck for the same amount that I paid for it. The empty whisky bottle is worth ten cents to recycle.

So there you have it. Two classics. Pretty much a tie. The truck is long gone. Maybe I’ll go downstairs and enjoy a dram of the 17. Enjoy. See you soon.

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