– Sipping With Style. –

Whisky Accessories for all Occasions

Sometimes, you just need to walk the talk. And that means having not only the whisky, but all the gadgets that go with it. Over the years, I have garnered an assortment of whisky gadgets, trinkets, and collectables. Some are useful. Many just amount to conversation pieces. Which is good, because you never know when you are going to run out of stuff to talk about when you’re having a dram or two.

So, let’s have a look at my collection, starting with the useful;

Napkins are a must-have item. I bought these at a local kitchen store. You can shop locally or shop for lots of other designs on-line. You can use them as coasters, to hold your snacks, or to wipe away that last drop of whisky from your lip.

Glasses. There are two types; glasses for drinking and those for tasting. They can be functional or decorative. There are high-tech, space age models and plain old glass versions. It’s a good way to personalize your whisky preferences and to add some style. Or some bling.
I have lots and lots of glasses in my whisky room. They add a certain ambiance. Maybe even a cool factor.

It’s fun to collect labelled glasses from different brands. The Glencairn (upper right) is the ultimate tasting glass. The iceball glass (lower right) is a neat but useless gadget for cooling down your whisky.

Whisky books are an important part of being a whisky drinker. They are packed with good info for learning the basics, the history, and the processes. They can also pack your brain with useless whisky trivia. Again, good for those gaps in conversation. I usually buy mine in used book stores and thrift shops. Magazines are great for keeping you current of the latest whisky trends.

And now for the less useful but esthetically pleasing things that can add to your whisky experience;

Whisky stones (upper left) are designed to cool your whisky down without diluting it. All they do is risk chipping your teeth. I have a box that I have never opened.
Shot glasses are a standard part of any bar. My mother collected them for 40 years, from all over the world. I have about 150 of them. I don’t use any. Let the spirit guide you when pouring whisky.
The quaich (lower left) is a traditional sharing cup from the days of old in Scotland. For when visiting dignitaries came to your village. I have never used mine. Haven’t had a visiting dignitary yet. But I’m ready.
Whisky Maps have the potential to be of use. I’ve tried to use mine to show guests where their whisky came from. The print is so bloody small that my finger covers about four distilleries. Plus, I need a magnifying glass to see anything. Not much use but a great decoration.
Whisky signs add a certain flair, for sure. My niece bought this very nice Dewar’s sign at a yard sale. I swapped a case of beer for it. The beer is gone but the sign endures.
Finally, I have a very cool Bell’s Whisky bell. It came from my father’s basement. He has no clue where it came from. It’s purpose is honorable – to announce the next round.

Cheers! Here’s to your next round. Until next time. Enjoy!

One thought on “– Sipping With Style. –

  1. Nice to know whisky drinkers and fly fishers (often one and the same) have an obsession for collectables related to their pastime!!


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