Valentine’s Day – Whisky Style

Every year, Valentine’s Day presents us with a special challenge. We look for something different, something fresh, something original, something unique. A new way to celebrate. Something other than chocolate and flowers. Flowers and chocolate. How about whisky? Indeed. In moderation, of course. We don’t want things getting out of control.
So how can we incorporate whisky into the special day? Well, it depends on your circumstance.

If you’re single – this is easy. Do what ever you want. Go to your favorite bar a try a couple of drams that you’ve never had before. Stay at home and have a couple that you have had before. Have a Valentine’s Day whisky tasting party and share a few drams. Or buy your self a cool whisky gift – like a whisky distilling kit. And in 10 or 12 years, on Valentine’s Day, you can try your own creation.

If you are dating – lot’s of romantic whisky gifts out there to further your romantic cause. Like clothing. Sexy or functional. It all says ‘I Love You’. Well, it actually has whisky stuff on it, but the rest is implied.

How about if you are married and just looking for something fun for Valentine’s Day? There are ton’s of whisky related themes out there. You can gift a whisky club membership. How about buying shares in a whisky cask? Or dump the flowers and put together a whisky and chocolate gift pack. Or just a whisky gift pack full of little sampler bottles.

If your wife isn’t into whisky (heaven forbid), there are lot’s of nice gin products out there that are distilled in Scotch whisky distilleries during the off-season. Or, perhaps you can stick with the classic Valentine’s Day red packaging. Lot’s of whisky choices available.

Finally, what about the retired folks? Everyone deserves a great Valentine’s Day. If your partner is a cigar smoker, then a nice Cohiba cigar and a bottle of Dalmore Cigar Malt makes the perfect gift. Or a personalized whisky glass. How about a pair of whisky cufflinks to add some style? For her, invest some time and put together a nice gift basket full of her favorite things (including her favorite dram).

What ever your Valentine’s Day situation, remember to enjoy it together. And have a special cocktail – perhaps a Manhattan, an Old Fashioned, or a Whisky Sour. Happy Valentine’s Day from Cheers.

One thought on “Valentine’s Day – Whisky Style

  1. Hey Don … I just poured myself a couple of ounces of Appleton Estate 8 Reserve … on your prompting … Here’s to You, My Friend ! I look forward to Sharing the Stage with you again … Happy Valentine’s Week


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